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Results: Notchview Ultra

The Berkshire Ultra Running Community for Service played host to the Notchview Ultra from July 4-7 at Notchview Reservation in Windsor, Mass. Runners took on a variety of distance options, from 72-, 48-, 24-, 12-, 6- and 3-hour timed events to the Quadzilla (four 52Ks within 72 hours), all on a 1.9-mile trail loop course. Continue reading Results: Notchview Ultra


Photos: Notchview Ultra

WINDSOR, Mass. – What started as a 6-hour event in 2015 known as the BURCS Summer Fat Ass soon grew into a 24-hour race. In 2019, it morphed into a massive multi-day event rebranded as the Notchview Ultra, offering runners the opportunity to tackle a 1.9-mile trail loop for 72, 48, 24, 12, 6 or 3 hours from July 4-7 at Notchview Reservation. The following are a sample of photos from the weekend. A full photo gallery can be found on the MassUltra Facebook page. Continue reading Photos: Notchview Ultra