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Frozen Yeti to Bring TARC 100 Out of Hibernation as 30-Hour Ultra

It was with heavy hearts that the Trail Animals Running Club announced in August 2016 that it would be discontinuing the organization’s namesake event, the TARC 100, following a four-year run.

The event underwent a variety of changes, including venue relocation and a move from June to October, but it struggled to gain traction at a time where runners were presented with new 100-mile races all over the country – in particular during the race-heavy summer and fall months. On top of that, the Trail Animals had taken over the Ghost Train Trail Races – an annual 30-hour event in October – meaning the club had to organize major volunteer efforts just a few weeks apart. It was a daunting task, and after four years of hard work, creative problem-solving, and occasional frustration, the club decided to take a step back. The TARC 100 was mothballed after the 2016 race with organizers noting that “we realized that having two 100 milers for the club is too much right now.”

The term “mothballed” was carefully chosen because it indicated that the race wasn’t necessarily gone for good, rather it was being set aside for a time. Josh Katzman, one of the TARC 100 organizers, noted at the time that the race might return in a different form in the future. He was hopeful that it would, but he made no promises.

It turned out Katzman wasn’t the only hopeful person. Longtime TARC volunteers and runners Surjeet Paintal and Carolyn Shreck were hopeful, too, and it was their hope and optimism that ultimately led to the race being reincarnated for 2019 in the form of the TARCtic Frozen Yeti Trail Races. The event will use a 30-hour timed format and take place starting at 8 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 2, at Hale Reservation in Westwood, Mass. Continue reading Frozen Yeti to Bring TARC 100 Out of Hibernation as 30-Hour Ultra