Results: The Village Ultra

The fifth annual running of the Village Ultra 24- and 12-hour run took place Sept. 5-6 in New Salem, Mass. In addition to the in-person running, a handful of runners took part virtually.


In-Person Run

Place; Name; City, State; Total Miles

1 Eric Ciocca; Northampton, MA; 100.1

2 Jamie McCusker; Burlington, CT; 75.5

3 Carla Halpern; New Salem, MA; 45.0

4 Kym Lewis; Athol, MA; 34.15

T5 Laura Ricci; Boston, MA; 27.0

T5 Dietmar Bago; Andover, MA; 27.0

7 John De Sousa; Springfield, MA; 24.0 

8 Sarah Vular; Wendell, MA; 23.0

9 Nancy Mead; Wendell, MA; 20.1

10 Adriana Bago; Andover, MA; 20.0

11 Ann Van Dyke; Montague, MA; 19.4

12 Sonya Gordon-Halpern; New Salem, MA; 18.6

13 Su Hoyle; 18.05

14 Carol Diesel Ratcliff; 13.8

15 Sarah Richardson; Berlin, VT; 13.2

16 Jennifer Robbins Bell; Dalton, MA; 11.6

17 Beth Bone; New Salem, MA; 9.45

18 Holly Gardner; TX; 9.0

19 Dan Cook; New Salem, MA; 3.55

Virtual Run

Place; Name; City, State; Total Miles

T1 Emily Griffin; Pittsfield, MA; 40.5

T1 Benn Griffin; Pittsfield, MA; 40.5

3 Jay Durand; Adams, MA 15.0

4 Kimberly Kliman; Flagstaff, AZ; 8.08

5 Swati Joshi, 5.0

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