Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 50K Will Take Place in 2021 – With a Twist

Two early-season ultramarathons in Massachusetts have already canceled their 2021 races due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but another is forging ahead. The Cape Cod Ultrarunning Society is going ahead with its plans to play host to 15th annual Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 50K/25K races.

The event will be the first official ultra in the Bay State in 2021, but it will look and feel very different from prior years as the organizers seek to give runners the opportunity to take on the challenging course while respecting the seriousness of the pandemic. Rather than the typical single-day event at Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable, runners can run the course any time between January 15 and February 15 and submit their proof of completion via email.

Leah Lawry races along a sandy trail during her second loop of the course at the 2018 Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 50K. Photo by Chris Wristen/

A word of caution on the race website notes that the course will be unmanned, and that it is not recommended for first-time runners unless they run with a veteran of the race who knows the course. Race organizers will attempt to mark the course, but they make no guarantees that the markings will still be in place for the duration of the month as others use the trail and weather conditions can be fierce.

For more details about the event and the results submittal requirements, click here.

One thought on “Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 50K Will Take Place in 2021 – With a Twist”

  1. Hey Chris, If you could push this idea to Fiona and Bob, because of the unique nature of 2020, could someone run the 25k one day for credit, then return to run the 50k for credit another day? Thanks!

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