Results: Village Ultra 24-Hour, 12-Hour and Virtual Races

The fourth annual Village Ultra took place Sept. 5-6 on the Town Common in New Salem, Mass. The event offered runners the opportunity to see how many miles they could run in 24-hour or 12-hour timeframes, but also had a drop-in option where runners could run or walk for shorter amounts of time. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic this year, the event was capped at 50 attendees (runners, walkers and volunteers), so a virtual race option was made available to encourage additional participation.


24-Hour Race

Place; Name; Total Miles

1 Lain Coryell; 66.0

2 Rob Breckenridge; 63.2

3 Carla Halpern; 40.0  

4 Damien Pinault; 38.25

5 Kym Lewis; 32.5

6 Nancy Mead; 32.2

7 Sonya Gordon-Halpern; 16.0

12-Hour Race

Place; Name; Total Miles

1 Laura Ricci; 62.0

2 Aura Mauricio; 50.5

T3 Jeff LeBlanc; 50.0

T3 Kristin Loiko; 50.0

T3 Julie Corey; 50.0

6 Johanna Fawcett; 40.5

7 Heather Rogers Murphy; 31.15

8 Deanna Leedy-Androzzi; 31

9 Danika Tyminski; 28

10 Ann Van Dyke; 23.4

11 Amy Borezo; 6.6

Drop-In Runners

Place; Name; Total Miles

T1 Sam L.; 10.0

T1 Carol Diesel Ratcliff, 10.0

3 Chuck Adams; 7.5

4 Cathy Coutu; 6.5

5 Naomi Borezo; 4.4

T6 Gareth Gordon-Halpern; 3.0

T6 Sophia Casten; 3.0

8 Molly Alvin; 2.4

Virtual 24-Hour

Place; Name; Total Miles

1 Bill Odendahl; 79.0

Virtual 12-Hour

Place; Name; Total Miles

1 David Colburn; 49.4

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