MassUltra Roundup: The Yeti, the Bear, Vermont 50, Beebe Farm, and Mt. Taylor

Sept. 26-28 was a jam-packed weekend for ultrarunners in New England between the TARC Fall Classic in Massachusetts, the Vermont 50 and the Beebe Farm 48 – also in Vermont. The latter two are included in this week’s roundup, along with 100-mile races in Virginia and Utah, and a 50K in New Mexico. This intro is short, but this week’s roundup is long. There’s plenty to read, starting with Boston resident Lance Doherty’s win at the Yeti 100.

Yeti 100

Since its founding in 2015, the Yeti 100 has had a reputation as a great option for first-time 100-milers and a fast option for veterans of the distance in pursuit of a personal-best time. That was once again the case at the fifth annual Yeti 100 on Sept. 26-27 in Abingdon, Va.

For Lance Doherty, who recently moved to Boston, Mass., from San Leandro, Calif., the Yeti was his fifth 100-miler. It was also the fastest performance at that distance for the 43-year-old. Doherty won the race outright in 16:11:59, topping runner-up Jeremy Alsop, 36, of Mooresville, N.C., by more than an hour (17:15:31). Another New Englander who had a big day was 42-year-old Andrew Orefice of New Haven, Conn. Orefice ran the same race last year and finished 19th overall in 20:42:11. This year Orefice placed fourth overall in 18:10:15. Shortly after Orefice finished, 43-year-old Jasmine Chiaramonte of Meadowbrook, Pa., finished in 18:39:24 to win the women’s race.

Four other New England residents were among the 162 runners who finished within the 30-hour time limit. Kelyn Curitomay, 36, of Norwich, Conn., was the 12th-place female and 43rd overall finisher in 23:27:26. It was Curitomay’s second 100-miler of the year and third overall. For Peter Guza of North Andover, Mass., it was his second 100-mile race. Guza, 38, ran the Stagecoach Line 100 in 2016 for his 100-mile debut. At the Yeti, Guza set out to break the 24-hour mark and successfully did so, finishing 47th overall in 23:36:57 while setting a five-hour personal record for the distance. The other two New England residents made the Yeti their first 100-miler. Greg Wolodkin, 52, of Sutton, Mass., placed 58th overall in 23:51:06; and 34-year-old Geoffrey Miller of New Haven, Conn., placed 113th in 27:50:36.

Bear 100

A year ago, Tom Morton gutted out a hard-earned finish at the Bear 100 to keep him on the list of Western States and Hardrock 100 lottery hopefuls. Morton returned to the point-to-point race again on Sept. 26-27 and made the 103-mile journey from Logan, Utah, to Fish Haven, Idaho, and once again got it done.

Morton, 42, of Chicopee, Mass., earned his second straight Bear 100 finish, this time with less than an hour to spare against the cutoff in 35:02:57. Morton wasn’t alone among returners. Fellow Massachusetts resident Paul Young also was back for his second run at the Bear. Young, 54, of North Andover, previously finished the race in 2017. He finished this year’s race 2 1/2 hours faster in a time of 31:27:52 and placed 117th out of 202 total finishers.

Jeff Browning, 48, of Logan, Utah, clocked a time of 19:06:00 and nabbed his second victory on the course, having also won the race in 2017. Katie Asmuth, 33, of Culver City, Calif., was the women’s winner in 23:23:31.

The top New England resident to finish was 30-year-old Rob Rives of Richmond, Vt. Rives placed 30th overall in 26:04:59 and earned his second 100-mile finish of the year. He secured a spot in the top 10 at the Hellbender 100 in North Carolina in April.

Other New England residents who finished were 38-year-old Brian Pitreau of Falmouth, Maine, in 27:26:09; 48-year-old Bruce Dailey of Monson, Maine, in 27:42:11; 40-year-old Zak Wieluns of Portland, Maine, in 30:01:14; 43-year-old Giant Parlin of Falmouth, Maine, in 30:01:32; 42-year-old Chad Allen of Gorham, Maine, in 30:01:59; and 28-year-old Austin Black of Intervale, N.H., in 31:27:49.

Vermont 50

A familiar face brought home the win in the women’s 50-mile race at the Vermont 50 on Sunday, Sept. 29, in Brownsville, Vt. Defending champion Aliza Lapierre, 39, of Williston, Vt., earned the victory in 8:14:47 and finished eighth overall on a hot day of running on the trails and dirt country roads of Vermont.

For Lapierre, it was her sixth win in the 50-mile race in seven tries. She placed second in her debut race in 2004, and then rattled off wins in 2005, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2018 before winning this year’s race. Her closest competitors were also from New England. Kels Spare, 36, of Cummington, Mass., earned a runner-up finish in 8:30:26, followed by 28-year-old Nicole Sassu of Boston, Mass., in 9:00:27.

Four more New England women finished in the top 10. Kate LaPointe, 32, of Eliot, Maine, placed fourth among the women in 9:15:21; Rebecca Geib, 30, of Bar Harbor, Maine, was fifth in 9:24:25; Maleena Frazier, 20, of Ivoryton, Conn., was eighth in 9:43:30; and 37-year-old Niveen Ismail of Williamsburg, Mass., finished ninth in 9:47:24.

In the men’s race, 37-year-old David Savard-Gagnon of Baie-Saint Paul, Quebec, dominated the race and won in his Vermont debut in 6:52:45. He was followed by the 2018 champion, 24-year-old Andrew Erickson of Lebanon, N.H., in 7:10:06, and 29-year-old Kevin Hartstein of Montpelier, Vt., whose third straight top-10 finish came in 7:20:37. Multi-time champion Brian Rusiecki, 40, of South Deerfield, Mass., placed fourth in 7:28:11, followed by 24-year-old Nico Fitzsimons of East Hartford, Conn., in 7:30:24.

Other New England residents who finished in the men’s top 10 were Mike Consolini, 32, of Granville, Mass. (6th, 8:00:58); John David Toscano, 51, of Salem, N.H. (7th, 8:02:17); Dylan Brann, 31, of Bar Harbor, Maine (8th, 8:21:46); William Buick, 28, of Winooski, Vt. (9th, 8:26:05); and Conor Callahan, 25, of Wilton, Conn. (10th, 8:26:33).

There were 173 finishers of the 50-mile race. Full results can be found here.

The 50K race was dominated by a pair of runners from Hanover, N.H. Peter Quayle, 27, and Lucy Skinner, 25, ran away from the men’s and women’s fields and finished 1-2 overall, Quayle topping the men’s field in 4:19:20 and Skinner winning the women’s race in 4:30:46. While the top of the podium was decided with a few miles to go, the race for second in the men’s field went down to the wire with 34-year-old Palo Cvik of Boston, Mass., edging 27-year-old Willem Sandberg of Portland, Maine, by a single second, 4:31:33 for Cvik and 4:31:34 for Sandberg.  Benjamin Boulton, 18, of New London, N.H., rounded out the overall top five and placed fourth in the men’s race in 4:35:21. Three more runners from Massachusetts finished in the men’s top 10, with 42-year-old Jason Sarouhan of Northampton placing eight in the men’s field in 4:43:13, followed by 32-year-old Matt Desrosiers of West Springfield in 4:46:30 and 27-year-old Madhav Rajan of Natick, Mass., in 4:52:49.

Joining Skinner on the women’s podium were Sarah Aponte, 29, of Somerville, Mass. (4:54:37), and Madaileine Kingsbury, 37, of Waterbury, Vt. (5:09:06). 

Other New England women in the top 10 were Katie Bono, 31, of White River Junction, Vt. (4th, 5:16:29); Tricia Groff, 39, of Hanover, N.H. (5th, 5:21:27); Melissa Catsam, 28, of Newport, N.H. (6th, 5:37:10); Sara Staats, 43, of Winchester, Mass. (5:40:18); Carissa Winning, 41, of Bryant Pond, Maine (9th, 5:51:04); and Nicole Gibeault, 30, of Manchester, N.H. (10th, 5:51:21).

There were 182 finishers of the 50K race. Full results can be found here.

Beebe Farm 48

The Beebe Farm 48 attracted runner back to East Dorset, Vt., for the second year in a row on Sept. 27-29 where they took on a .87-mile dirt and limestone loop course at Harold Beebe Farm as many times as possible for a variety of time-based options ranging from 6 hours to 48 hours, allowing runners to amass major mileage.

That was certainly the case for the 48-hour race where 50-year-old Arun Bhardwaj of New Delhi, India, led all runners with 165.60 miles during the course of two days of running. His closest competitor was first-place woman Susan Kokesh, 53, of Lake Oswego, Ore., who finished with 152.53 miles. In a tie for third place overall, 29-year-old Leo Fung of Calgary, Alberta, and 40-year-old Claire Robinson-White of Williston, Vt., both logged 147.30 miles.

Twenty-five runners in the 48-hour race surpassed 100 miles. Others from New England included Marc Raby, 29, of Peabody, Mass. (124.35 miles); Karen Giroux, 53, of Salem, Mass. (122.89 miles); Matt Winters, 58, of Montpelier, Vt. (117.66 miles); Russell Tarbell, 44, of Danby, Vt. (106.33 miles); and Elizabeth Gillis, 31, of Lowell, Mass., and Ed Peters, 68, of Norwalk, Conn. (101.10 miles apiece). Four runners Andrew Pollard, 36, of Framingham, Mass.; David Shanahan, 39, of Auburn, Mass.; Patrick MacKenzie, 28, of Wallingford, Conn.; and Shannon Plesh, 33, of Blackstone, Mass. all completed 100.23 miles.

Five more New England residents surpassed 100K in the 48-hour race, including 27-year-old Thomas Reilly of Boston, Mass. (97.61 miles); Charlie MacKenzie, 69, of Clinton, Conn. (80.18 miles); Kenneth Tyler, 40, of Manchester, Vt. (75.82 miles); Newton Baker, 77, of Montpelier, Vt. (70.60 miles); and Emmy Stocker, 61, of Old Greenwich, Conn. (63.62 miles).

In the 24-hour Saturday race, 50-year-old Christina Friedman of Niskayuna, N.Y., led all runners with 103.72 miles, followed by 41-year-old Jason Baer of South Burlington, Vt., with 100.23 miles, and 33-year-old Alexander Jinks of East Montpelier, Vt., with 87.77 miles. Additionally, 44-year-old Eric Despres of Gardner, Mass., finished with 55.78 miles and 43-year-old Meaghan Philip of Danby, Vt., logged 52.29 miles. In the 24-hour Friday race, 25-year-old Ryan Feeney of East Bridgewater, Mass., logged 66.24 miles and 24-year-old East Bridgewater resident Mike Gomes tallied 53.16 miles.

Fourteen runners took part in the 12-hour race and the top male and female finishers – Byron Lane, 51, of Stony Brook, N.Y., and Ida-Lina Diak, 41, of Gaithersburg, Md. – both led the way with 61.01 miles. Richard Camerik, 55, of Ridgefield, Conn., led the New England contingent with 57.52 miles, followed by 34-year-old Erik Hamilton of Lyme, N.H., with 52.85 miles; John Davy, 41, of Burlington, Vt., with 51.42 miles; and Jonathan Smolin, 45, of Norwich, Vt., with 50.55 miles. Additionally, 36-year-old Chrissy Semler of Bridgewater, Mass., finished with 44.45 miles; 32-year-old Joshua Roberts of Paxton, Mass., logged 43.58 miles; and Matthew Shears, 42, of Manchester, N.H., completed 40.96 miles.

In the 6-hour race, 37-year-old Padraig Mullins of Cambridge, Mass., followed up his win at the Cape Cod Y-Not 50K a week earlier by logging 43.52 miles and earning the win. Lara Kondor, 44, and Noah Kondor, 23, both of Deery, N.H., followed with 28.97 miles.

In addition to the time-based events, the lone distance-specific race was a 50K. Kelly Gillen, 36, of Brooklyn, N.Y., earned the overall win in 4:50:15. New England residents who finished were Brian Teason, 58, of Manchester, Vt. (5:25:05); Jonathan Toto, 47, of Brookline, Mass. (5:59:17); and a trio of runners from South Burlington, Vt., – 54-year-old Kristen Wiley (6:39:50); 63-year-old Scott Perrapato (7:28:32); and 62-year-old Sylvie Frisbie (8:03:38).

Mt. Taylor 50K

A year ago, Lauren Etter made her ultramarathon debut at the Mt. Taylor 50K. On Saturday, Sept. 28, Taylor returned to the race for another crack at the course in Grants, N.M.

Racing on singletrack trails and jeep roads on a course that was at 9,000 feet above sea level or higher for its duration, Etter handled the altitude and the terrain. She even summitted 11,305-foot Mt. Taylor along the way. Ultimately, Taylor finished 70th overall out of 157 finishers. Her time of 7:19:30 was a slight improvement from 2018 when she finished in 7:21:08. Ethan Linck, 28, of Seattle, Wash., was the overall winner in 4:39:44 and 31-year-old Imogen Ainsworth of Durango, Colo., placed first in the women’s field and fourth overall in 5:03:57.

*Editor’s Note: Results are found on a variety of sites, including, UltraRunning Magazine, and official race websites. We do the best we can to find as many results as possible to report on and recognize the local ultrarunning community.


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