MassUltra Roundup: Quad Dipsea

Fresh off of the Thanksgiving holiday, a light slate of ultramarathon races were on the docket in the United States. Many Massachusetts runners took to the local trails to log some miles, but the Bay State was only represented at the finish line of one race during the Nov. 24-25 weekend: the Quad Dipsea 28.4-mile ultra on Saturday, Nov. 24, in Mill Valley, Calif.

Jenny Shen of Cambridge and Douglyss Giuliana of Wilmington were among the 274 runners to finish the race within nine hours, navigating 9,000 feet of vertical gain through the Muir Woods and other local public lands along the way.

Tim Comay, 34, of Walnut Creek, Calif., was the men’s winner in 4:21:00. He beat his closest competitor by nine minutes while securing his sixth win at a trail race in 2018. Meanwhile, the women’s win went to Kyria Wilson, 40, of Belden, Calif., in 5:46:58. It was her fifth top-10 finish at Quad Dipsea and her first victory.

Shen, 24, completed the race – her first ultramarathon – in 6:46:50. She will return to the starting line this weekend when she competes in the 32-mile race at the Fells Winter Ultra at the Middlesex Fells Reservation. Giuliana, 46, finished Quad Dipsea in 7:50:59 for his first ultramarathon outside of New England.

*Editor’s Note: Results are found on a variety of sites, including, UltraRunning Magazine, and official race websites. We do the best we can to find as many results as possible to report on and recognize the local ultrarunning community.

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