MassUltra Roundup: Pisgah, Run Rabbit Run, Northeast Kingdom, SRT, Tahoe 200, and Pine to Palm

From the mountains of New Hampshire to the mountains of Colorado, and the mountains of New York, California and Oregon – as well as a dirt trail in Vermont – there’s plenty of reading in this week’s roundup. Massachusetts runners took on numerous out-of-state ultras last weekend, including the Pisgah Mountain 50K, the Run Rabbit Run 100, the SRT 30-miler and the Northeast Kingdom 24-hour race. Additionally, we tracked down prior results from two epic races out west: the Tahoe 200 and the Pine to Palm 100. Collectively, it made for a jam-packed roundup.

Pisgah Mountain 50K

A trio of Massachusetts men swept the podium at the 19th annual Pisgah Mountain 50K on Sunday, Sept. 16, at Pisgah State Park in Chesterfield, N.H.

Matt Shamey of Leverett, Drew Best of Amherst and Jason Dunklee of Watertown all earned places on the podium. Shamey, 38, ran away with the victory in 4:05:57, followed 18 minutes later by Best, 36, in 4:24:02. Dunklee, 44, rounded out the men’s top three in 4:39:54. Another Bay State resident, 39-year-old Daniel Grip of Millers Falls, also had a big day as he finished sixth overall and fifth among the men in 4:54:15.

Other notable men’s finishers were Kyle Sevits, 34, of West Yarmouth, Mass., who was the eighth-place male in 5:13:10 and Adam McCready, 38, of Watertown who was the 10th-place male in 5:18:20.

Only six runners broke the five-hour mark. The top men were joined in the sub-5-hour time frame by the speediest woman. Leah Frost, 35, of Portland, Maine, also hammered the course. In fact, she was faster than everyone but Shamey as she won the women’s race and placed second overall in a speedy 4:17:30. Emily Cousens, 26, of Lyme, N.H., was the second-place woman in 5:26:40, and 34-year-old Alex Jospe of Newton, Mass., rounded out the ladies’ podium in 5:40:30. Another Bay State woman came close to the podium as Natick resident Molly Karp, 36, was the fifth female finisher in 5:52:45.

Although the race took place in New Hampshire, Massachusetts produced the highest percentage of finishers. Of the 58 runners who completed the race within 10 hours, 28 hailed from the Bay State.

Other Massachusetts finishers were Dan Doherty, 38, of Westford (5:20:46); Jason Sarouhan, 41, of Northampton (5:27:45); James Bulger, 47, of Winchendon (5:38:01); Gregory Esbitt, 44, of Ipswich (5:42:31); Carsten Braun, 49, of Greenfield (5:47:53); Carolyn Wisnowski, 33, of Shirley (6:07:28); Jennifer Rushton, 42, of New Bedford (6:22:48); Kelly Anne McKeown, 42, of Amherst (6:37:24); Alex Greiner, 40, of Needham (6:41:32); Meredith Pinault, 41, of Belmont (6:55:49); Sam Black, 46, of Winchendon (7:09:12); Jayden Skelly, 17, of Shelburne Falls (7:09:48); Jon Kalus, 28, of Ashland (7:54:20); Jonathan Barboza, 39, of Dartmouth (8:05:34); Katya Divari, 56, of Ashland (8:08:36); Melissa Wu, 22, of Brookline (8:31:44); Ken Gulliver, 54, of Orange (8:34:36); Sean Walker, 42, of Ashburnham (8:54:44); Sarah Walker, 41, of Ashburnham (8:54:44); and Shira Catlin, 26, of Newton (9:06:20).

Run Rabbit Run

The 12th annual Run Rabbit Run 100 took place Sept. 14-15 in Steamboat Springs, Colo., and the high-altitude Rocky Mountains race saw a few sea-level runners tackle the alpine air and 21,000 feet of climbing.

The race featured a Hares division of mostly elite runners, and it was won by 40-year-old Jason Schlarb of Durango, Colo., in 18:48:08. Schlarb is a former Hardrock 100 co-champion. Former Boston resident Kyle Pietari, 32, now of Edgewater, Colo., finished fourth in the Hares division in 20:00:48. Meanwhile, the Tortoise division saw 162 finishers within 36 hours, including two from Massachusetts. Teddy Lyman, 23, of Beverly was unable to track down Tortoise division champion Charlie MacArthur, 33, of Steamboat Springs, who brought home the win in 22:23:10, but Lyman still finished among the best. He placed fourth overall in 25:25:34 in his 100-mile debut.

In addition to Lyman, Westfield resident Matthew Cadieux, 37, finished 89th in the Hares division in 33:08:43. For Cadieux, it marked his second 100-mile finish of the year. He finished the Vermont 100 in July. Cadieux previously had 100-mile finishes at the 2016 Ghost Train 100 and the 2015 Virgil Crest 100.

24 Hours of Northeast Kingdom

The inaugural 24 Hours of Northeast Kingdom took place Sept. 15-16 at the Northwoods Stewardship Center in East Charlton, Vt. Runners were challenged to complete as many miles as possible on a 3.1-mile trail loop through the surrounding woods.

The 24-hour event had 11 participants including a pair of Massachusetts men. Andover’s Nate Combs, 57, and Middleborough’s Michael Tremblay, 33, logged 56 miles apiece. Hannah Allen, 33, of Craftsbury, Vt., earned the victory with 77 miles. Additionally, two runners took part in the 12-hour event and one participated in the 6-hour race.

SRT Run/Hike

The fourth running of the SRT Ultras on the Shawangunk Ridge Trail took place Saturday, Sept. 15, in Rosendale, N.Y. Runners were challenged to complete the entire 70-mile trail, the final 50 miles or the final 30 miles of the trail, battling a mixture of technical trails, challenging climbs, well-groomed dirt, and rocky and rooty sections winding through forests along the way.

The event implemented a minimalist format, providing no support or course markings or supplies other than a few checkpoints along the way for safety.

Of the 20 runners who started the 70-mile race, 11 finished within 27 hours led by 26-year-old Andrew Wilkens of Olympia, Wash., in 18:13:43. Additionally, 12 of the 20 runners who started the 50-mile race finished. New Yorker Nathaniel Brown, 34, won that race in 13:17:09. Of the 60 runners who tackled the 30-mile race, 53 successfully completed the distance – including a few Massachusetts residents. Tom Dils, 23, of Williamstown, Mass., finished 10th overall in 7:20:04 while Elizabeth Lynch, 53, of Milford, Mass., finished 15th overall and was the third-place female in 8:16:26. Jake Stookey, 42, of Clifton Park, N.Y., won the race in 5:42:50 and 39-year-old Emma Raub of Brooklyn, N.Y., was the women’s winner and sixth overall finisher in 7:13:15.

Tahoe 200

There’s a saying in ultrarunning that is gaining traction: 200 is the new 100.

The 200-mile race movement has picked up steam in recent years, and it has grown enough for the Triple Crown of 200s to now be a real thing. In fact, Adam Scully-Power of Weston, Mass., is trying to complete it. The 44-year-old already finished the Bigfoot 200 in August, and he is entered in the Moab 240 – a 238-mile race in Moab, Utah – next month. He completed the second step in the Triple Crown by finishing the 205.5-mile Tahoe 200 course within the 100-hour time limit from Sept. 7-11 in Homewood, Calif.

The Tahoe 200 took runners all the way around Lake Tahoe, climbing more than 40,000 cumulative feet along the way. Already with one 200-mile race on his legs in the past month, Scully-Power completed this one in 98:27:46, good for 128th place.

Of the 210 runners who took on the challenge, 138 finished within the time limit. Michael Chambers, 32, of Dedham, Mass., also was among those finishers. In fact, Chambers was one of the fastest runners in the field. He placed 14th overall in 72:48:45 for his first 200-mile finish.

The men’s and women’s winners both established new course records by a massive amount as Kyle Curtin, 31, of Durango, Colo., was the overall winner in 49:27:22 and women’s champion Courtney Dauwalter, 33, of Golden, Colo., finished second overall in 49:54:36. Both runners finished more than 10 hours ahead of the third overall finisher, and they were the only two who broke the 60-hour mark.

Pine to Palm

Wildfires forced the cancellation of the 2017 Pine to Palm 100, but the race returned for its eighth running on Sept. 8-9 and produced its largest finisher’s field ever.

Of the 188 runners who started the race, 140 finished within the 34-hour time limit including two men from Massachusetts. Both Brian Tjersland of Dartmouth and Thomas Schulmeyer of Attleboro were among the runners who successfully completed the point-to-point journey through the Siskiyou Mountains from Williams, Ore., to Ashland, Ore., climbing 20,000 feet along the way including four trips above 7,000 feet.

Gerad Dean, 41, of Mount Shasta, Calif., won the race in 19:04:23 and was one of three runners to break 20 hours. Tjersland, 51, finished 77th in 29:09:51 for his second 100-mile finish of the year. For Schulmeyer, 42, Pine to Palm was his first 100-miler and he finished in 31:19:38 for 105th place.

*Editor’s Note: Results are found on a variety of sites, including, UltraRunning Magazine, and official race websites. We do the best we can to find as many results as possible to report on and recognize the local ultrarunning community.

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